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This page contains information about myself. During my studies in graduate school my area of focus was machine learning, predictive modeling, time series analysis and data mining and so this page contains information regarding some of my research into those topics as well as my personal log of rock climbing, ice climbing and bouldering. Currently I am working as a Wind Production Analyst for Brookfield Renewable Power in their Generation and Ancillary Services group. Here you can find a copy of my resume and some research I have done (all material is copyrighted by Colin Rickert as of May 2008):

1.Evolutionary Algorithm for Feature Selection
2.Neural Network Algorithm for Wind Speed Forecasting
3.Simulated Annealing Solution to the Knapsack Problem.

I have also included some rock climbing and bouldering related photographs, information and links. If you would like to say hi or leave any comments, feel free to get in touch with me

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Atari Arete, Bishop CA, V6/7, R
Rock Climbing Tick List:

Sport Routes (Starting at 5.12)
Bottom Feeder, Rumney NH, 5.13a
Kundalini, Rumney NH, 5.12d
Get it On, Rumney NH, 5.12c/d
Anti-Gravity, Luskville QC, 5.12c -->pic
Niagro, Lion's Head ON, 5.12c
Zone of Extreme Beauty, Lion's Head ON, 5.12c
They Saved Hitler's Brain, White Bluff ON, 5.12c
Another Day at the Office, Kelly's Rock, UT, 5.12c
Scavenger, Bolton VT, 5.12c
Shock Therapy, Rumney NH, 5.12c
Eye of the Cougar, Bolton VT, 5.12c (First Ascent)
Beyond, Bolton VT, 5.12b
The Doggfather, Bolton VT, 5.12b
Diamond in the Rough, TV Tower Crag ON, 5.12b (Second Try)
Hot Enough For Ya, Luskville QC, 5.12b
Flingus Cling, Squamish BC, 5.12b
Hang it out to Dry, Little Si WA, 5.12b
Alternative Power, Bolton VT, 5.12b
New World Order, New River Gorge WV, 5.12a/b
Good Vibrations, Copacobana, Luskville QC, 5.12a/b
Off Night, Bolton VT, 5.12a/b
Gateway to the Vertical World, Lion's Head, ON, 5.12a/b (second go)
"12c for a Day", Newhalem WA, 5.12a/b (flash)
Feng Shui, New River Gorge, WV, 5.12a
Raven, TV Tower Crag, Lion's Head ON, 5.12a/b
El Nino, Luskville QC, 5.12a
Busted at Berford, Lion's Head ON, 5.12a
The Gift, Red River Gorge, KY, 5.12a (toprope)

Traditional Routes
Thin Fingers, Index WA, 5.11a (trad/crack)
The Fastest Gun, Poke-O Moonshine NY, 5.10b(+) PG-13, Grade III traditional (Onsighted all pitches. Lead P1, P3 & P4)
Nurse's Aid, Shawangunks NY, 5.10c R (trad/roof)
Birdie Day Party, Shawangunks NY, 5.10b, onsight (trad/roof)
TR, Spider's Web NY, 5.10a/b, onsight (trad/crack)
Lettin' Loose, Spider's Web NY, 5.10a, onsight (trad/crack)

Ice Climbs
Positive Thinking, Poke-O-Moonshine NY (clean followed pitch 2 crux), WI5-, II
Hot Shot, Chapel Pond NY, WI4-
Ice Slot, Chapel Pond NY, WI4-
Grand Confusion, Smuggler's Notch VT, II, WI3+
Watership Down, Smuggler's Notch VT, WI3+
Standard Route, Frankenstein Cliff NH, II, WI3

Boulder Problems (V6 and up)
Mindbender Low, Squamish BC, V9
Soul Slinger, Bishop CA, V9
Ares God of War, Goldbar WA, V8/9 --->pic
Generations, Bolton VT, V8
Gibbs Cave, Squamish BC, V8
Disco Diva, Bishop CA, V8
Slivers, Smugglers Notch VT, V8
It's all About Love, Bishop CA, V8
Machine Vibes, Groton Vermont, V8 (First Ascent) --->pic
The Master Theorem, Calabogie, ON, V7/8
Brutus, Val David QC, V7/8
The Dirty Job, Smugglers Notch VT, V7/8 (First Ascent)
Mulligan Variation, Joshua Tree, CA, V7/8
Checkerboard, Bishop CA, V7/8 (Highball)
Undertow, Squamish BC, V7/8
The Sadomasochist, Smuggler's Notch VT, V7
Combustion, Val David QC, V7
Doja, Goldbar WA, V7 --->pic
High Plains Drifter, Bishop CA, V7
Mobius, Groton VT, V7 (First Ascent) --->pic
This Monkey's Gone to Heaven, Squamish BC, V7 (highball done solo)
The Impossible Problem, Smuggler's Notch VT, V7
Never Been to Hueco, Snowy Mountain NY, V7
Sticky Fingers, Squamish BC, V7
Anubis, Squamish BC, V7
Flight Attendent (Low Start), Joshua Tree CA, V7
The Turtle, Joshua Tree CA, V7
The Fuzz, Squamish BC, V7
Super Sharp Shooter, Niagara Glen ON, V6++
Atari Arete, Bishop CA, V6+ R--->pic
Change of Heart, Bishop CA, V6+
The Terrorist, Pawtuckaway NH, V6+
Fais Mois Mal Johnny, Val David QC, V6+
Louise Classique, Val David QC, V6+
Life O'Reilly, Niagara Glenn ON, V6
Sibérie, Val-David QC, V6
Gatineau Special, Calabogie ON, V6
iHOPP, Snowy Mountain NY, V6
Hueco Wall, Castle Rock CA, V6
The Green Egg, Smugglers Notch VT, V6 (flashed)
Kanga, Bolton VT, V6
Smooth Shrimp, Bishop CA, V6
Green Wall (center), Bishop CA, V6
Sit Down to Holm Boy, Squamish BC, V6
Battle of the Bulge, Yosemite CA, V6
Lounge Act, Squamish BC, V6
Sibishi, Niagara Glen ON, V6
Straight Again, Lincoln Woods RI, V6
Prize Fighter, Groton VT, V6
Corruption, Groton VT, V6
Howard Carter (Sit Start), Bishop CA, V6
Little Cottonwood, Smuggler's Notch VT, V6
La Traversee de l'Orque, Val-David QC, V6
Shelter from the Storm, Bishop CA, V6
Cave Route, Bishop CA, V6
Take the Force of the Blow, Bishop CA, V6
Coitus, Snowy Mountain NY, V6
Gleaner, Bishop CA, V6

My Climbing Pics:
atari-pic1 atari-pic2 atari-pic3 atari-pic4 atari-pic5 atari-pic6 atari-pic7atari-pic8 white rastafarian-pic1 white-rastafarian-pic2 white rastafarian-pic3 white rastafarian-pic5 greg-loh-stained-glass-V10 ares-god-of-war-V8/9 getcarter-attempt-V8

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Gecco Conference 2007
New England Bouldering
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